The Home Street Virtual Gallery® (HSVG) is an on-line only virtual art gallery dedicated to developing a platform where local artist can display and sell prints of their artwork online. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic many of our local art galleries and museums have temporary closed and consequently the world of art has been affected dramatically. The name "Home Street" is steeped in Dayton History as recorded in the city register.

Dayton History of Home Street

When in 1868 the territory west of the river as far west as King street was taken into the city of Dayton, renumbering, harmonizing and further ex tensions became the order of the day. A part of Summit street started out as Barnet avenue. Later, a part of the street was called Willard street. The part of that street north of Third street was called Home street and then Summit, which became the name of the entire street.

The gallery collections at this site will showcase high quality original Photography, Paintings and Three-Dimensional artwork that are created by local Artists from Ohio. Fine Art Giclee Prints and collectibles of all original works can be ordered and shipped from the Print Shop. This platform is not new but what will be new is the collections will be from African American and other ethnic artists.


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The 2020 Pandemic


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Digital Photography


Watercolors, Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal and Drawing


Mixed Media, Sculpture, Multidimensional